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Home Beauty Slimming Pre-order

  • Normal postage ( foc ) , reg postage ( +$3 ) , strictly NO MEETUP.
  • Only paid orders will be taken in
  • NO refund if backout, so don't join if you can't wait.
  • FULL refund will be made if item is OOS.


Preorder every monday and closes every sunday.

estimate time for item to arrive : one week .

enquires to : swtloves-@hotmail.com , order form can be found at the sidebar.

please check your JUNKbox in case my replies ended up there and all emails will be reply within 24hours thus do resend your emails if you didn't receive a reply BY 48hours.

Item #001- Beauty Face line Training Beauty Tool [ $9.90 ]
Simple use of this Chin Neck Firm Tool daily enable you to exercise your face's expression muscle. Not only does it stimulate face's circulation, it also let you have good facial expression and maintain youth.


  • Unique Chin Neck Firm Tool helps to firm loose skin at chin and neck.
  • It is effectively prevents double chin.
  • Hold the chin up with the Chin Firm Tool for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat for 2 to 3 minutes daily.
  • This Chin Training Tool is made of fabric and filled plastic box.
  • Plastic Box Size: ~11.2(L) x 4(W) x 3.4(H)cm
  • Fabric Size: ~24.5(L) x 9.6(W)cm
  • Weight: 131g

Item #002- Magic teeth braces for face slimming! [ $4.90 ]
Description : Unique design spring mouth piece helps to slim & firm face, training for giving a great smile and self-confidence. Can also be used as dental protector, protect your precious teeth now and w/o any expensive dental work!
Item #003-Face Slimming Toner Skin Relief Massage Massager [ $19.90 ]
  • Reduce and erases sun damage.
  • Reduces pore size.
  • Reduces and erases fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces and erases age spots and skin discoloration
  • Firms skin and muscle tone to reduce sagging.
  • Enhances new cellular rejuvenation.
For all skin types.Can be used alone or with any other skin care system.A safe and effective alternative to chemical and laser peels.

package:1xmassager with 5 tips.

2X1.5V AA Battery not included

Item #004- Super slimming waist belt [ $15.90 ]
Description : lose weight while watching tv !! or even exercising !! Wear it for 3-4hours and it will aids in removing excess water retention from our body. Air it to remove odour.

Item #005- Goodbye hunchback supporter [ $15.90 ]
Size: M ( 70-75cm under bust ) / L ( 75-80cm under bust )

Item #006-Japan calories off shaper thighs [ $13.90 ]
Unique weaving design together with our body movement helps to:
-massage targeted area
-improve blood circulation
-tone & firm targeted area
-burn calories
-Suitable for daily usage.
-Do not wear for more than 4-6 hours
-Do not bleach.
-Allow it to dry naturally after hand wash.
-Water temperature when washing should be lesser than 40degrees Celsius
-Do not use dryer for drying.
-Temporary stop usage if don’t feel well
-Not suitable for young children & those with skin allergy
-Not recommended for usage by pregnant women
Item #007-Sauna Wrap [ $4.90 each ] - please indicate if you want to chose targetting tummy/thigh ones, thanks!
br>Made in Japan
*** can be used up to 200 times or more ***

Details: very elastic, good stickiness to hold onto body.use to target at tummy and make it sweat, and hence fats break down

Can be washed and reused Easily adjustable to your desired hold and tightness. immediately concentrate on that area to release sweat and lose weight, shaping your body. wave goodbye to pear shaped body
Can be used with weight lost cream, spa salt,massaging cream etc to massage
Can also be worn during exercise, does not fall off easily
Can be easily worn or removed
Very thin material so would not cause any discomfort

made of high quality specially processed thin pvc

measures 30.5×112cm suitable for waist up to 80cm

things to note :
1) Before use, wash the wrap and keep it clean to ensure its stickiness
2) Not recommended for those with sensitive skin. if discomfort or rashes occur, stop use immed.
3) Please store in a cool place and not under direct sun heat

Item #008-Japan Platinum 3D massage slimming pants [ $19.90 ]
<<女人我最大>>伊能静 &蓝心眉 
Taiwan TV program are strongly recommended.

Wear during the day, night & sleeping. Also wearing for exercise can speed up caloris consumption! Improve the waist lines of the merger movement to speed up improvements to the elephant legs carrot legs and abdomen prominent phenomenon.

A simple but effective way to slimming down. Slip into the light weight and comfortable slimming 3D pants. Lifts butt and flattens tummy, make hips and thighs slimmer . flattens your stomach eliminate your waist . Best of all it's effectiveness wearing during sleep. so you can step out with confidence soonest!

Size available
M ( fit waist 25-30inch . high 34-39inch )
L ( fit waist 27-33inch . hips 36-41inch )

Material : 9% SPANDEX 91% NYLON
Color : Black

Item #009- Body shape roller [ $6.90 ]
Description : can be used on arms/thighs/tummy. Able to use during shower too, recommended to use it for only 10minutes daily. Over using it will cause irritation to skin . Stop using if skin show redness, etc.

Item #010- Butterfly slimmer cum massager [ $6.90 ]
Description :
  • Stimulate muscle by a simple relaxing electronic impulse
  • Gradual release muscle pain
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Recovery from fatigue
  • Help fat exercise, burn and decompose
  • Safe and convenient, quick and quiet.
  • Compact size and can be used anywhere and anytime
  • 4 LED lights: L1, L2, L3, L4
  • 10 intensity options and 6 working mode options
  • Chrome plated buttons
  • Powered by 2 CR2032 batteries (included)
  • Instruction manual in English
  • Size:110x80mm(LxW)
  • Color: Pink

Item #011- Facial yoga slimming roller [ $6.90 ]
Description : Keep your face in shape with the Facial Yoga Massage Rollers - they gently massage the skin of your face & neck to stimulate circulation, which in turn promotes healthy skin and tissue renewal. Enjoy both relaxation from tense muscles and a feeling of invigorating renewal!
Includes one "colo-colo" roller (named for the noise it makes) with soft square roller pads - feels great on hands and fingers, very invigorating!
The other piece is a smaller, round roller.

Item #012- * New in Japan - 40cm slimming socks. [ $19.90 ]
Item #013- Calories off Arm shaper [ $12.90 ]
Note:1.Do not bleach. Do not use dryer drying
2.can be hand washed, dried
3.wear, do not pull-off force in order to avoid product damage
One size : 22-35cm

Item #014- REBORN COLD SLIMMING WRAP [ $10.90 ] - out of stock
No more exercising, sweating for you girls anymore. (But of course, exercising is recommended)
Here's the new slimming wrap from Marie France Bodyline that you can use to target those stubborn areas that you have always wanted to get rid of.

You just have to cut the wrap according to your targeted areas, like your tummy, arms and thighs. Wait for 30 - 45 minutes and you will see results!! Lose fat even while lying on your own bed!

1. Best to use after your shower/body scrub. Otherwise, use a warm cloth to clean the area you want to put on the slimming wrap.
2. Wrap the slimming wrap around the area with 1-2 layers.
3. Use the plastic wrap to hold the slim wrap in place.
4. Use scotch tape to hold all the wraps together.
5. Bind for 30 to 45 minutes.
6. After use, massage the surplus essence into your skin until its absorbed.
7. Use a warm towel to wipe the wrapped area.

One slimming bandage can be used for wrapping the waist and arms. Each Slimming bandage can be used for 2-3 times, use once every day or every two day, each treatment for 15 course and can cut up to 5kg for one treatment.

Rice soap:
For: All skin types
Effectiveness: deep cleanse and purify the skin, ligtening, detox.

High-quality rice extract can promote skin metabolism, prevent skin aging. Natural moisturizing ingredients to make the skin more tender, moist. Rich in vitamins, protein, fat and plant fiber plants help moisturise and rectify the skin. Pure plant ingredients such as palm kemel oil and palm oil create lots of bubbles and creamy lather to wash away dirts on the skin leaving it smooth after.

Components: rice bran oil, palm kernel oil, white rice, contains about 500g of rice from the rice bran oil (rich in high-quality rice in calcium, vitamins, essential amino acids, selenium, such as dietary fiber. 100 % natural extract

Pumpkin Soap
For: All skin types.
Pumpkin is high in zinc, which is really good for the skin, high in beta carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin A- known as anti- oxidants. Moisture, anti-wrinkle and restore.
Item #015-Green Gram Soap [ $6.90 ]
For: All skin types/ acne skin
The flavonoids in green gram/bean function to remove impurities and comfort skin, makes skin clean and clear. Minimise pores and deep cleanse, discharged toxins, and fight inflammation and ease acne, a long-term use can fundamentally improve the nature of the skin.

Item #001- Korean Rice Day Soup.
Description : Gentle and non-drying soaps that both cleanse and moisturize your skin.
Can be use on face and body with back acne too. Suit for all skin types.

Niu Er and Wu Pei Si (both from Taiwanese beauty programs) highly recommended them at "Nu Ren Wo Zhui Da"!
How to use: Wet the soap and rub with hands to create creamy lather.
Apply the bubbles on the face to cleanse then rinse.

Size: 100g each

3 types available : Green Gram Soap/Pumpkin Soap/Rice Soap ( please state your choice )
Item #016-Useful & effective showering tool, TOP SELLER IN JAPAN . [ $3.90 ]

Item #017- Magic Fast dry towel !! [ $5.90 ]
Description : The magic hair drying cap is made of microfibre with the water absorptionrate as high as 7times of normal fibre. Using the magic hair drying cap, you can dry your hair fast & easy, avoiding hair damage caused by electirc hair dryer and also prevent moisture from penetrating through the skull .

  1. Bend forward your head and let your hair flow down naturally.
  2. Put on the magic hair drying cap & twist around your hair.
  3. Fold back the magic hair drying cap and button up at the rear.
Item #018-Shiseido Black Sea Mineral Mud SPA beauty soap [$5.90]
Description : For facial wash

Item #019-Foam Cleaning Facial Sponge [ $3.90 ]
Description: Bath puffs are great for pampering yourself in the tub or shower! They also help you to cut down on the amount of soap you are using! It's also great for cleaning face with your facial cleaner.

Scrub and wash your body and face with massage effects. Remove dull surface flakes and promote blood circulation. Refresh and vitalize your skin. Make it comfortable and radiant.

1 Before wash your face,wetting your facial skin with warm water,squeeze out 1-1.5cm face cleanser
2 wet the foam producer and face cleaner in warm water,and gently rub them to produce rich foam
3 Squeeze out the foam and apply on your face,then gently massage your face skin.
Item #020 - Anti dry skin cream . [ $4.90 ]
Description : can be used on leg , hand , lips and body.

Item #021- Magic Hand cream - Visible result after 90days!! [ $4.90 ]
Snake Oil
- Anti-Dry Skin, Cracks

Item #022- Fake eye lashes. [ $4.90 / 3 for $10.00 ]
Item #023- Eyebrow mascara protection guard [ $3.90 ]

Item #024- Callus Removal stainless steel set [ $13.90 ]

Item #025- Manicure Protector [ $11.20 ]

Item #026- Magic Support Bra [ $16.60 ]
Description : Prevent sagging of breast as this specially designed bra provide great support and can lift your breast at the same time.
Size available : M ( 79-87cm ) / L ( 86-94cm ) <--- please state size when ordering! * black color available only. Item #027-Superfine Facial Towel [ $4.90 ]

Made using superfine nanometer materials which are 250 times thinner than a hair strand. While cleaning face, this towel is able to reach even the smallest particle of dirt trapped in your pores and leave your face amazingly clean. It's said to even be able to remove blackheads. Very practical, every girl in Japan has one. ^^
Use like a normal towel.
Specifications: 24 * 24cm
Item #028- Item : Ped Egg * hot product * [ $6.90 ]
Description : Removes calluses and dead skin to gives you smooth feet

Item #029-Item: Callous Remover Pad [$6.90]

Description: Selling for NT280 (about SG$13) on http://www.jpmon.com/. Produced in Japan.

This is a special purposed 2-sided fiber where the inner side helps get rid of callouses and dead skin while the outer side helps to smoothen the skin.

How to use:First, soak your feet in hot water to soften the skin. Next dry your feet with a dry cloth then use the inner side of the pad to scrub off the dead skin. Then use the outer side of the pad to smoothen the skin and you can use a moisturiser after that to protect your skin.

Things to note:
1. When not in use, please hang in a ventilating area so the pad can be air-dried.
2. Do not rub excessively to prevent hurting your skin.
3. Stop using should you experience rashes, itch, or any discomfort.

Measurement:15 x 2.5 x 10cm

Material: Surface - 80% Polyester Fiber, 20% Nylon. Inner - Cotton
Item #030- Carmex Clear softening exfoliating essence [ $10.90 ]
Description :

Strawberry Flavour (60ml)

  • Remove Impurities
  • Regulate Oil
  • Smoothen Pores!
Item #031-DODO powder SET [ $15.90 ]

Includes :
  • BB SPF15 , net weight 15g
  • Dodo loose powder , net weight 10g .
  • Powder Puff
  • Clear Cosmetic Pouch

Item #032- Natural sea grass face mask * very effective!! ** [ $15.90 ]

Item #033- Natural silk balls [ $4.90 ]
Content : 15pcs / pkt
Description : Whitening effect, aids in removing blackheads and pores

Item #034- Nine one Nine BB cream [ $15.90 ]
Net weight : 50ml

Item #035- Nose pore cleaning brush [ $3.90 ]
Instruction :
  1. Place normal facial cleanser in the palm . Use the brush to work up the lather.
  2. Use the brush gently scrub the nose area in circular movements
  3. Clean with water.

Item #036- 3rd generation oil cleansing beauty tool [ $6.90 ]
Item #037- Oil control facial paper [ $3.90 ]
Item #038- Rough and dead skin remover knee and heels pad [ $4.90 ]
Description :

- Made with special design and anti-bacterial materials, making it easy to remove rough/dead skin on your skin

- Improves blood circulation and provides skin renewal function

- Prevents fungal-related disease

Item #039- Shiseido whitening mask . [ $1.50 ]

Item #040-Shiseido Peel-off Black Mask [ $1.50 ]

Effectively remove Black & Whiteheads in just 30mins Has Pore Tighting effect too!!!
Made in Japan **Strong Whitening & cleansing effect**

How To Use:
1) Spread and apply evenly onto freshly cleansed dry skin. Avoiding areas around the eyes, eyebrows, hairline and lips. (can use anywhere where u have blackhead except those that u shld avoid)
2) After the mask has dried (appoximate 30mins), peel off from the outer edges upwards towards the center.
3) For best results, apply toner & moisturizer upon completion
4) Use 2-3 times per week is enough
Weight: 12g

Item #041- Naturgo Mask - for oil control [ $1.50 ]
Item #042-Crystal Collagen Eyelid patch [$1.80 per pair]

* highly recommended *
my comment:"Miracles, my eyebag lightens after just 1 use [i use it for overnight].Felt cooling on the area where the patches are applied =) "

Help to reduce dark circle and puffiness, enriched with moisturisers.Help prevent and refine ageing, anti wrinkle, refirming.The pearl essence is the nutrient ingredient extracted from pearl of the deep sea

How to Use:
1) Cleanse and dry your face
2) Peel off the plastic from the eyepatch
3) Place the patches below the eye
4) Wear about 30 mins or overnight (for better result)
5) Remove the patches, DO NOT reuse them

Points to Note:
1) Avoid using on scar area or sensitive skin
2) Stop using if you experience discomfort
3) Keep away from children
4) Do not use 1 patch for more then 12 hours

Some feedbacks from customers
" i think it's quite good. It reduced my eyebags and dark rings miraculously, and the effect lasted for around a day (i used it at night, the effect lasted till the next day afternoon). I'd love to stock up more on these eye masks"

" Its nice, cooling and effective *thumb up* "

Item #043- Lip mask [ $1.50 ]
Description :Main Ingredients: Collagen, Amino Acid, Natural Fruit Acids, Vitamin E, Glycerine.

Main Uses: For cracked/dry lips. Helps rejuvenate and keeps lips moisturised. Can be used even if you don't have dry lips. Gives your lips a plumping glistening effect with the added moisture.How to use: Just place the mask on the lips for 20 - 30 mins. Use 2 - 3 times a week. Can be used everyday if desired.

Some Reviews:

"Just tried out the lip mask. wow.... the result is so obvious. My lips is so moisturize and can really feel d softness."

"I've tried one last night after I scrub my lips with lip scrub prior mask application...20 mins later I found my lips were more supple and smooth."

Item #044- Golden Edition eyemask [ $2.20 ]
Item #045- Head massage tool , prevent your manicure at the same time! [ $4.90 ]
Description : Spend a bomb doing your manicure yet *destroying * it accidently while massaging your scalp? Fret no more ! Use this head massage tool now while washing your hair now!

Item #046- Foot care shoe insole air cushion pad [ $4.90 ]
Description : Anti-Bacterial, Eliminate smell, relieves feet, cosiness
Item #047- Ear cleaner set 20pcs [ $5.90 ]
Item #001- DAHOO tongue cleaner [ $3.90 ]


Dental tongue scraper remove germs bad breath. It can remove 85% bad breath by bacteria on the back of your tongue where your toothbrush can't reach. This tongue cleaner removes germs that cause bad breath. The Dual Cleaning Edge provides twice the cleaning area. Wider Design easily cleans with one swipe.

Item #048- Kirei Me Tongue cleaner [ $5.90 ]

Item #049- Armpit Sweat perspiration patches 10pc/pkt [ $5.90 ]
Armpits tend to sweat more during summer, swating not only makes you feel sticky, but also contaminated clothing, especially colored clothing. Sweat-absorbent paper that is affixed to the location of clothes under the armpits, effectively absorb sweat, keep dry and comfortable feeling
Item #050-Foot solution leg care protection plaster [ $4.90 ]

Item #051- Forehead heat reliving cooling patch [ $3.90 ]
Item #052 - Gel inserts for shoes [ $2.90 ]

Description: absorb and minimise shock impact and strains , prevent slip & comfort
Item #053-Anti odour shoe sticker [ $6.90 ]
Description :
  • 6 pieces ( 3pairs ) in a pkt.
  • Can last around 3months usually, however depends on individual condition too.
  • Adhesive design , user friendly. contains no fragrance.
  • size 6.5 * 3.5cm .
Instruction : stick on size of the shoes, change a new pair of sticker after every 3months
Item #054- Painless hair remover sponge [ $4.90 ] - out of stock , pls don't send in orders.
Description:wave goodbye to hands and leg hair . made of unique material to remove hair easily and painlessly.remove hair and deadskin at the same time to reveal smooth skin.does not contain chemical products. it is not a shaving blade. it makes use of physics theory to remove hair and deadskin. mild and does not harm our skin. can remove hair even on our fingers
Instructions:rub on skin on targeted spot in circular directions for 6 to 8 times til hair is removedUse it on dry skin, you may apply moisturizer on skin after you remove hair .do not use on face or areas with open wound.

Item #055-Japan Moisture Beauty Sleep Wonder Mask [ $3.90 ]
**Keep your peepers moisturised and beautiful**

Contains SQUALAN moisturizing properties. Protect areas around the eyes,pumping them with the required moisture. Suitable for nightly sleep or travelling

100 percent pure cotton, soft and comfy to wear Soft ear strap to secure mask,will not cause tightness and discomfort like normal mask with tight and hard ear straps Aids in relaxing your body and mind, moisturise your eye area to ensure a good sleep.

Instruction: To wear before sleep and remove when awake

Point to note:
1) Keep away from babies/ young kids
2) Not to be used with eyemask or eyecream
3) Not to be used if you have cuts/sores on eye area
4) Hand wash and not machine wash and hang dry naturally

Item #056-Item : Epi Stick [ $3.90 ]

Item #057-Blackhead Remover Pad [ $3.90 ]
Description: Gently removes dirt and dust from your pores. Say goodbye to enlarged pores, strawberry nose (weird, but the Chinese call it 草莓鼻.Maybe cos it resembles the strawberry seeds) and blackheads! This simple and convenient process enables you to become more beautiful without needing any specialised skills. ^^

Item #058- Japan Cogit Celebrity Magic Tooth Whitening Want [ $10.90/box ]

1 box contains 25sticks. Made of specially processed mirco fibre which are very effective in removing(abosorbing) ugly stains from our teeth. Each stick is made from 270000 micromised
fibre pressed into 4.5mm small. Can be used everyday.
Item #059- Nose up shaper [ $4.90 ]
Description : Use 5 mins daily to acheive a higher nose bridge , no pain involved.
Item #060-Blackhead Remover Stick [ $4.90 ]
Item #061-Shiseido Double eyelid stickers -50 pieces/pkts [ SGD 5/pkt]

Item #062-Airy Curl Styler . [ $9.90 ]
Description : To create voluminous curls using heated air trapped in the special grooves of the curler, must be used together with the hair dryer.

Item #063-Item : " Big S " recommanded hair comb [ $6.50 ]

Description : Large comb recommanded by Taiwan celebrity " big S " , according to her, the secret to silky and shiny hair is to have a comb that have the function that help to massage your scalp while you comb. Also, the number of times you comb your hair a day must exceed your age . This comb is so huge that it reaches every little corner of your scalp. Through continuous combing, the bristles massages the scalp and stimulate blood circulation at the same time .

Item #064-Bumpits Cele-up Hair Japan Version Brunette Set of 2 [ $7.90 ]

Look sexy and fabulous now!

Bumpits Cele-up Hair Inserts are self gripping, gives you instant volume, and lets you enjoy feeling confident and beautiful; you’ll look like you just stepped out of a professional salon!

1. Part hair across crown of head ,directly up from back of ears,where a headband would go,l" picking up a big enough section to cover Bump. Brush parted section upward. Simply place Bump at scalp right below the part line.
2. Pull hair dowm over Bump,give hair a gentle tug downward to tighten into the grooves of the teeth.This is very important to keep hair from parting later.
Spary immediately with firm hold hairspray. Fluff,vevn out,and pinch out areas of hair that ate uneven or sparse.
3. Spray firm hold hairspray for that all day perfect volume. When removing,be gentle! Never pull hard...gentle!
4. Many women's favorite way to wear Bump is to simply pull back sides after putting in one or two Bump.

Item #064- Anna sui inspired Handy Comb [ $3.90 ]

Item #065- Big happie Hair Bumpit [ $9.90 ]
Description : You'll love this simple to use hair styling too which creates perfect volume everytime. Comfortable to wear, set comes with 1 hollywood extra tall, 2 medium , 2 mini inserts and instruction.
Item #066- Pony Clip [ $4.90 ]
Item #067- Fringe Clip [ $4.90 ]

Description:Product of Japan.
Made of quality ultra-light aluminium, designed with special curves and wide surface area, this clip will enable you to have a stylish-looking fringe even on busy mornings.This product has a special well-ventilated structure with 5 clamps so that it wouldn’t slip off the hair easily. Hot air can also easily be blown through this to create natural looking fringes. Simple to use, this clip can be clipped on while doing your make-up, wasting no time at all.

How to use:
Use water or hair spray to lightly wet the fringe.
1. Clip the clip according to the direction your fringe is going towards (either right or left).
2. Use hairdryer (hot air) to blow dry.
3. After hair is dry, switch to cold air to blow again for hair to stay that way for a longer period of time.Can be used even without a hairdryer. Just clip it on when hair is wet and take it down when hair is dry.
Please note:
1. Suitable for ages 6 and above.
2. Please put in a place where children cannot have access to.
3. Do not place near any fire hazards or electrical sources.

Item #068-Hair Curler Sponge Ball [SGD 6/pkt]

Quick ways to bouncy curly hair!
Easy to use! Can wear it into sleep.
Automatically lock in place. No pins/clips needed!
Comfortable and soft. =)))

Item #069-Item : Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust It Mattifying powder [ $9.90 ]

Description : the ** HOT SELLING ** and highly recommended by taiwanese beauty show and David Gan in our local beauty show programme also! Used widely in local salon too ~

Creative styles with
  • powder consistency
  • lightweight texture and separation
  • soft matt effect
  • natural movement of hair
  • light natural style control
  • silica powder and film formers for a dry light hold

  • Sprinkle small amount of powder into pams and rub together
  • rake through dry hair and lift into styld for matt finish & natural touch
  • for extra root volume apply directly to the roots
  • for extra separation apply more powder in small amounts when needed

volume : 50ml/10g

Item #070- EZ comb [ $9.90 ]
Description :

Creative Dozens of Dazzling Hairstyles Instantly!

The item would give you a new way to create attractive hairstyles instantly. It works on any hair type: thin, thick, short, curly or straight. You can feel comfortable and secure in you hair. It holds firmly in place and will not to fall cut, even during a brisk workout. Be creative and have fun experience with the items.

Item details:
Material: Stainless and plastic
Size: 7.5cm x 4.5cm approx

Item #071- Invisible Hair Styling Net [ $3.90 ]

Item #072- Stratch stick [ $ 5.90]
  • TOP seller in Japan
  • Get beautiful soft hands and feet now! Layers of dead skin accumulated over time results in ageing so skin, resulting in coarse and thick skin that cracks easily
  • Science research reveals too much accumulated dead skin results in growth of bacteria tat results in other heath hazards such as growth of water bubbles, pumice, athlete foot, affecting you health and beauty!!!
  • this tool is a revolutionary innovation by doctors and researchers. It cleans and remove only surface dead skin. It will not hurt you new skin cell. When using it, it will not cause any irritation or pain.


  1. Soften your feet by soaking them in warm water/ pour Feet Soaking Powder
  2. Align the scratch stick in a 90 degrees position to the area that you want to remove the deadskin.
  3. Just move the scratch stick inback and a forth manner at 90degrees to the area you want to remove the callus. Callus and dead skin are easily removed.
  4. After you scratch for 5 to 6 times, insert the black stick that comes with the scratch stick into the centre of the scratch stick.
  5. Gently push the black stick and you can see the deadskin that has been scrapped and removed.
  6. For best effect, after use, please apply moisturizer or toner to protect you skin
Don't rush to clear all deadskin at once, repeat the above steps every few days until all callus are gone. Then, use it weekly or bi-weekly regularly.
  1. do not use the product pointing other than 90 degrees. Do not swivel it directly on the skin to prevent hurting the skin.

  2. after use please keep properly, prevent scratching or letting it fall on the ground, impact might result in bluntness of the scratch skin affecting results.

Some Reviews:

"I tried lotsa ways to remove this dead skin on my feet that got hard but this stick did wonders and removed it without any pain....you just feel a little "geli" sometimes...haha"

Item #073 - Detox foot patch [ $1.50/ pair ]

Description : made in korea . leave them overnight on the soles of your feet and wake up to a healthier you! Toxins is being extracted and herbal packs will turn into a damp brownish substance.
Benefits of the Detox Foot Pads:
1) Release unwanted toxins
2) Increase your energy levels.
3) Reduce aches, pains, headaches and
4) Relieve stress
5) Increase your metabolism
6) Aid weight loss
7) Be totally discreet - Works while you sleep.
8) Simple and easy to use
9) Improve quality of sleep.
10) Promote vibrant health and wellness
Item #074- Magnetic health bracelet [ $4.90 ]

Item #075- Pair of slimming acupuncture cupping tool . Helps relieves fatigue too ! [$4.90]
Item #076- V-shape Finger cuticle tool [ $5.90 ]
Description : Removes dead skins around finger .

Item #077- Korea Nano Toothbrush [ $6.90 ]

Item #078- Finger protector. [ $3.90 ]
Description : Don't get cut by the knifes accidently again !
Item #079- Hello kitty Mopping Shoe [ $9.90 ]
Description : Simply slip on these convenient slippers for a clean and sparkling floor. frees your hands for other chores. A great time saver.

Item #080- Fashionable Recycle Bag [ $4.90 ]
Design available : strawberry / NO smoking / watermelon / bettle.
Item #081- Cable winder [ $3.90 ]
* color sent randomly.
Item #082-4 in 1 Beauty Accessories for DIY Mask/ Facial skin care. [ $6.90 ]

The DIY Mask Kitincludes a mixing bow, made from flexible material which aids easy stirring (and cleaning!), 3 measuring spoons, an application brush and a spatula/stirring stick.

Save some money and create your own homemade face masks with this Face Mask Kit.

This cute Protective Mask Kit is the perfect way to get started and it is easy to mix the materials and put them up, also easy to clean.

Item #083- 5in1 Measuring Spoon kitchen measure taste spoon set [ $6.90]Item #084- 6pcs holding cable wire [ $4.90 ]

Item #085- Cartoon Auto Open Wall Suction toothbrush holder [ $4.90 ]
* no choosing on design , design sent on random. Item #086- Convinent Apple cutting tool [ $5.90 ]
* color sent randomly

Item #087-Egg yolk & white separator, fuss-free kitchen helper !! [ $4.90 ]
Instruction : Pour egg that open into product separate though, light to shake copies of product egg white can flow and separate from yolk .

Item #088- Food oil paper [ $5.90 ]

Food/Soup Oil Suction Paper from Japan!! 12 pieces in a set!

Have healthier food today!!

Item #089- Heart shaped 4pcs spoon set with gift box [ $9.90 ]
Item #090- Fash scaling and peeling tool [ $4.90 ]
Item #091- Kitchen peeling tool [ $4.90 ]

Item #092- Prevent pipe from choking ! - basin drain protection . [ $4.90 ]


Item #093 : Anna Sui Mini Fold Mirror [ $4.90 ]
Available in PINK/BLACK/WHITE.Item #094: Pretty butterfly design black foldable mirror [ $3.90 ]
Diameter : 7cm

Item #095: Delicious Cookie Design Mirror + Comb Set [ $4.90 ]

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